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 the future life


Welcome to the future life - The environment in which residents will be spending their whole lives now in harmony with joyful utterance of vegetation and birds is in existence first and unique in projects by Phuc Khang Corporation such as Vietnamese Eco Village, International’s authentic greenified apartments and greensmart cities. Where you are welcomed by the nature.

Since its very first day of establishment, Phuc Khang Corporation has embarked on a mission, named  ‘Pioneer and promote the creation of a better lifestyle for public health and sustainable humanistic ecological environment in accordance with global green standards’. A sustainable future wouldn’t be created without respecting the past. All projects by Phuc Khang Corporation, in empathy with the above concept, are all based on the traditional human values in sophisticated combination with the world’s modern values to create products with outstanding features, bringing about practical benefits to our customers in particular and the society in general.

Arriving in Vietname Lotus Eco Village, Vietnam Square, Diamond Lotus and so on, you will experience the place where both the past and the future are respectfully cherished, where the Eastern and Western values are reunited and also where human beings live in harmony with nature.

The attraction of The green life 

Climate change as well as its consequences such as greenhouse effect, environmental pollution and so on has had a direct influence on human beings. More than ever, it is so crucial and urgent that humans head for the nature. To head for the nature is to move forward to the future.  Phuc Khang Corporation first understands your expectation and then accompany you to build up a sustainable green future


After ten years of development, despite not being a global enterprise yet, Phuc Khang Corporation is proud of its international initiatives. Although we haven’t globalized our brand, we did localize the global quintessence into our Vietnamese brand. It is Phuc Khang’s honor to serve over 10.000 customers who hold firm belief in our green - human - traditional projects. Growth index since its inception and development so far: The property value has increased by 4 times, the product consumption value increased by 84 times, the workforce increased by 20 times, the number of projects increased by 8 times.

Sustainable green development journey
2009 STARTING UP THE BUSINESS With courage, willpower and efforts of improvement in the frozen period of real estate, Phuc Khang Corporation introduced the ‘common real estate’ and ‘real estate for everyone’ to the public. Serving the needs of the middle-income group and selecting satellite cities were the two priorities of the real estate market. We served over 2.000 customers in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
2012-2014 A CHANGE OF STRUCTURE Developing from the foundation of a Real Estate Services Company into an Investment and Development Company, we have strengthened cooperation and association with our partners to launch a model of developing special projects by fostering innovation and putting our hearts and souls into the land, turning ordinary land into human eco projects. We have officially introduced a product line named ‘cultural real estate’ and pioneered for a green - human - traditional lifestyle, serving over 5.000 customers.
2015 - 2016 ULTIMATE BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH 2017 - GREEN GROWTH FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Completing Phuc Khang’s basic development model and expansion campaign and becoming an influential and famous Investment and Development Company on the market, we have successfully developed 3 key product lines: DIAMOND LOTUS - by International standards , Cultural - Commercial - Tourist urban VIETNAM LOTUS VILLAGE, Series of trade real estate - VIETNAM SQUARE. Phuc Khang has made successful introductions of life cycle products - value chain - serving real estate by creating land fund - investment - product development - construction - project management - business market - exploitation - management and operation. The breakthrough growth has been shown in revenue, brand reputation, product quality and sufficient land fund (spare) to develop more products in the upcoming 20 years.

Dựa vào vị trí dẫn đầu hiện tại và giá trị tài sản thương hiệu mạnh mẽ của Phuc Khang Corporation trên thị trường, xây dựng các dự án cùng chia sẻ chung hệ giá trị cốt lõi luôn là chiến lược nền tảng trong việc mở rộng thị phần của Phuc Khang Corporation. Chiến lược này cung cấp một nền tảng ban đầu rất vững chắc cho sự phát triển của khái niệm BĐS mới – KIẾN TRÚC XANH CHUẨN MỰC TOÀN CẦU. Các dự án trung tâm và mở rộng từ khu đô thị sinh thái cho tới căn hộ xanh chính phẩm Quốc tế đều chia sẻ chung hệ giá trị, cũng như nâng cao trải nghiệm thương hiệu tổng thể và hình ảnh của Phuc Khang Corporation. Trong lâu dài, việc mở rộng các ngành nghề kinh doanh mang tính tương trợ như giáo dục, hàng tiêu dùng, du lịch xanh... đều được phát triển xoay quanh định vị và giá trị cốt lõi của Phuc Khang Corporation.



Pioneer and promote the creation of a better lifestyle for public health and sustainable humanistic ecological environment in accordance with global green standards.

The 2025 vision 

The leading brand name of authentic green real estate under international standards in Vietnam.

Core values 

MIND: ‘Mind’ in each product, ‘Mind’ in customer care services, ‘Mind’ in community activities.

WILL:  Every step of Khang Phuc Corporation is always filled with strong will to conquer every challenge and be constantly creative

PRESTIGE: ‘Prestige’ in products, ‘Prestige’  in services, ‘Prestige’ with partners.

Business philosophy 

Constant creation of solutions to invest in real estate products and services which are new, different and meet 5 golden criteria.

- Prime location. 

- Legal security. 

- Complete infrastructure.

-  Effective investment  - settlement - resort. 

- Easy ownership.


In perspective of Phuc Khang Corporation, a sustainable business model must first be a responsible business one
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“The Green Heart of Giftivism" of Phuc Khang Corporation is a program to actualize the Corporate Social Responsibilites, to honor the values of the pure Green Heart, the values of abiding faith and dreams of a better future. 

“The green heart of Giftivism” paves the way for voluntary and charitable work through well - organized CSR activities to improve health and happiness for individuals, families, especially those in genuine hardships and to accompany the city in the fight against the pandemic, bringing life back to normal.

What is more, “The green heart of Giftivism” will grow all - pervasive, having the community and the society accompanied by beneficial and valuable series of coming activities in the green journey for a more SUSTAINABLE and PROSPEROUS community.

Sustainable development has to be originated in RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT. Phuc Khang Corporation has been actualizing this motto consistently by continuously launching to the market the product lines and quality green buildings up to international standards. Over all, to meet the severe licensing standards, high-level product lines, Diamond Lotus have to achieve the standard of ‘Business Ethics’ and ‘Environment’ as well as pass the assessment of ‘negative impacts on the social environment’, etc. 

We always keep in mind that business ethics is not about advertisement or charity for self-promotion, but most importantly and practically, is about being RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING OUR PROMISE: Bringing our quality green products to our beloved customers.



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