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Phuc Khang Corporation has recently donated 4 high quality ultrasound machines in HCMC University Medical Center to help deliver excellent performance of diagnosis in support of fighting the pandemic. This activity presents itself meaningful in the campaign named “The Green Heart of Giftivism” which Phuc Khang Corporation has been running to accompany HCMC against the pandemic.

Phuc Khang Corporation donates 4 high quality ultrasound machines valued at 6.3 billion VND to HCMC UMC

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai – Chief of Staff in HCMC Department of Health, Prof. Dr. Doctor Nguyen Hoang Bac – Director of HCMC UMC and Madam Luu Thi Thanh Mau – CEO of Phuc Khang Corporation are present at the ceremony together with representatives of not only doctors in UMC but also board of directors of the company. With the objective of accompanying the frontline medical teams, Phuc Khang Corporation has been acknowledging obstacles and actual demands for medical equipment to treat Covid patients during a discussion with HCMC UMC. 4 genuine high-quality ultrasound machines, one of which is the most modern Color Doppler Digital Ultrasound Machine with AI seamless embedded and latest medical technology to help analyze the images reliably in support of diagnosing patients with background diseases, unclear or no symptoms are thereafter donated. The donated medical equipment is modern, long service life to help protect patient’s health and life in treatment and recovery period.

This donation is one of meaningful activities of the campaign “The Green Heart of Giftivism” which  has been running to accompany HCMC against the pandemic. Up to now, this campaign has donated 10,000 gifts, 500 sickbeds, more than 5,000 meals to quarantine areas, 2,000 test kits, thousands of boxes of face masks and packs of medicine to home treated F0 patients in HCMC.

Representatives of Board of Directors of HCMC UMC and Phuc Khang Corporation in the ceremony to donate medical equipment

In the ceremony, Green C.E.O. Luu Thi Thanh Mau shows her empathy and admiration for the sacrifice and devotion of the medical teams. “Though we are not directly involved in treatment of Covid-19 patients like medical teams, Phuc Khang Corporation, with responsibilities and efforts, commit ourselves to accompany the frontline medical teams as their steady home front. In consultation with experts in medical equipment and actual demands of the hospital, we expect that these machines will resolve the necessity, improve treatment outcomes, reduce the burden for medical teams.”

As stated by Madam Mau, Phuc Khang Corporation is pursuing sustainable development with the mission “Pioneer and promote the creation of a better lifestyle for public health and sustainable humanistic ecological environment in accordance with global green standards”. Corporate responsibilities must, in particular, accompany social responsibilities in any circumstances. Phuc Khang Corporation is always striving towards a more sustainable, happy and healthy community. In the culture of Phuc Khang People, Giving compassionately and Giving unconditionally are the two sets of philosophy which are always present, overwhelming and necessary for more dedication to the fight against the pandemic.

Prof. Dr. Doctor Nguyen Hoang Bac – Director of HCMC UMC expresses his emotion and honor to Phuc Khang Corporation’s donation of medical equipment

Prof. Dr. Doctor Nguyen Hoang Bac – Director of HCMC UMC expresses his happiness and gratitude to sponsors, among which is Phuc Khang Corporation. “First of all, I would like to thank for the companionship of sponsors, especially the special concern that Phuc Khang Corporation raises over HCMC UMC. This is both a priceless support and a great help to an accurate diagnosis and an early detection of symptoms related to Covid-19, orienting doctors towards timely treatment. We do feel proud and consoled because this donation is both support and encouragement to our doctors and medical staff in the hospital.”

With the philosophy “Sustainable Development” starting from “Responsible Development”, Phuc Khang Corporation will continue donating medical equipment to other hospitals in HCMC in support of curing Covid-19 patients effectively in time. Campaigns “To share and care” in the fight against the pandemic once again affirm the “HEART OF GOLD” of the Board of Directors in Phuc Khang Corporation, the spirit of responsibility and solidarity shoulder to shoulder with the government and the frontline to protect people’s health and life.


The most modern Color Doppler Digital Ultrasound Machine with AI seamless embedded and latest medical technology is donated to HCMC UMC by Phuc Khang Corporation

The Color Doppler Digital Ultrasound Machine with the most modern and advanced technology in the world is embedded with Ultrasound Elastography, Navigation, CT-MRI Fusion to help early diagnosis, deep diagnosis and treatment methods. In the fight against Covid-19, receiving those high-quality ultrasound machines is enhancing the brightness of the “golden eyes” in order to detect diseases at an early stage and even complication of background diseases of Covid-infected patients,” said M.D. Doctor Nguyen Quang Thai Duong – Deputy Head of Department of Diagnostic Imaging in HCMC UMC
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