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On March 15, at the Honoring Ceremony of the Leading Real Estate Brands in 2021-22, the Diamond Lotus Riverside luxury apartment building of Phuc Khang Corporation was named among the five best green-smart building projects of last year

A representative of Phuc Khang Corporation in ‘ao dai’ receives the trophy and certificate showing the company’s Diamond Lotus Riverside luxury apartment building among the five best green - smart building projects in 2021.

The Honoring Ceremony of the Leading Real Estate Brands in 2021-22 was held in conjunction with the second Spring Real Estate Forum to fully and comprehensively recognize professional real estate developers and quality products in the market.

The event, which took place in Hanoi, was organized by Vietnam Real Estate Electronic Magazine (Reatimes) and Vietnam Real Estate Research Institute (VIRES) under the direction and patronage of the Vietnam Real Estate Association.

Among the attendees were executives of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, Advisory Council of VIRES, and Realtimes; 30 leading experts in Vietnam; representatives of news agencies, press and leaders; and representatives of the businesses being honored at the ceremony.

The trophy and certificate recognizing the Diamond Lotus Riverside project of Phuc Khang Corporation as one of the five best green-smart constructions in 2021

To be named among the five best green-smart building projects in 2021, the Diamond Lotus Riverside luxury apartments developed by Phuc Khang Corporation underwent a round of voting by 500,000 readers on and the direct, independent, and objective votes from the Council, including journalists covering real estate and leading experts in economics, law, planning, architecture, construction, and real estate in Vietnam.

Located on Le Quang Kim Street in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, the Diamond Lotus Riverside project is the first high-rise apartment complex developed by Phuc Khang Mitsubishi Corporation Holding, a joint venture between Phuc Khang and leading Japanese enterprise Mitsubishi Corporation, in Vietnam.

The project development met both the LEED standard of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the LOTUS benchmark of the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), with its gold-level registration for the two criteria approved.


By the end of 2021, Diamond Lotus Riverside had been awarded the LOTUS provisional certificate by the VGBC, which certified that the project is on track to reach the gold level at the full certification stage.

At the ceremony to award the LOTUS provisional certificate to Diamond Lotus Riverside, VGBC President Phan Thu Hang confirmed that this green building had brought three benefits in terms of the environment, economy, and society.

“Firstly, the project developer has expressed the commitment on corporate social responsibility to the community and to the environment by reducing the company's carbon or environmental footprint,” Hang elaborated.

“Secondly, the project is developed for users, as LOTUS green buildings are focused on providing suitable microclimate conditions and amenities regarding heat, light, sound, and comfort for them, which make the users feel better about their living environment.

“Thirdly, the project is for green buildings themselves: LOTUS green buildings always encourage the efficient use of energy.

“Using energy effectively and efficiently during the operation of a building not only lowers the property’s carbon emissions but also reduces the monthly electricity bill.

“This brings economic benefits to users.”

A real-life image of Diamond Lotus Riverside – the construction built according to international green standards with Japanese quality and technology

With the aim of turning the Diamond Lotus Riverside project into a ‘green symbol in the heart of the city,’ which brings the perfect living environment and potentially makes space for the prosperous life of residents' families, Phuc Khang Corporation has devoted itself to the design, construction, operation, and technology transfer of the property. The most outstanding element of the development is a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, a leading corporation in Japan, to build Diamond Lotus Riverside according to strict green building standards with Japanese technology. Given these hallmarks, the Diamond Lotus Riverside project has become one of the typical highlights for the journey of ‘pioneering and promoting the creation of a better lifestyle for public health and a humane ecological environment in accordance with global green standards’ of Phuc Khang Corporation.



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