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 Thanks to the respectful appreciation of residents in Diamond Lotus Riverside and all staff in Phuc Khang Corporation for the campaign “Giving vegetables with compassion, Fighting Covid with determination”, the Board of Directors of PKC continued to successfully launch the second delivery of 20 tons of nutritious vegetables to distinguished residents in DLRS and all staff

To stem the spread of Covid – 19, authorities in HCMC are strictly enforcing certain measures for implementation of Directive 16 of the Prime Minister with Directive 12 of Party Committee of HCMC. Recently, authorities have been implementing a daily 18:00-06:00 curfew in Ho Chi Minh City since July 26. Covid – 19 probably poses a serious challenge of obstacles and hardship to our lives. Not only are our health threatened, our lives and jobs in chaos, but also our daily nutritious meals in families are adversely affected because it is impossible to approach sources of safe clean and green vegetables during days of social distancing. Having a deep empathy with the anxiety of distinguished residents in DLRS and all staff, the Board of Directors of Phuc Khang Corporation in cooperation with the Building Management Committee and the Representative Board of Residents funded the second campaign.

On July 27th 2021, the second campaign “Giving vegetables with compassion; Fighting Covid with determination” – COMPASSIONATE RESPONSE was successfully launched. Probably speaking, positive feedbacks and compassionate responses from distinguished residents in DLRS and all staff are the great motivation so that the Board of Directors and the Special Forces of Clean Vegetables can continue their journey to hand nutritious vegetables to them once again. More than 20 tons of nutritious vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, beetroots, carrots, bananas, green onions, cilantro … were carefully picked and well arranged on counters in each block lobby of Diamond Lotus Riverside Building so that distinguished residents can choose and receive enough vegetables for their own families. We really appreciate your full compliance with 5K announced by the Ministry of Health to protect the health and safety of both residents and the organizers.

On this particular occasion, we can bond our compassion and appreciation in order to accompany and share with each other, to equip ourselves with more optimism to fight the pandemic.

Being a pioneer green building developer, with the philosophy “Sustainable Development” starting from “Responsible Development”, the Board of Directors in Phuc Khang Corporation acknowledge that health is the most valuable asset of our lives. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Board of Directors in Phuc Khang Corporation not only implemented new policies to cope with the pandemic such as: forming the steering committee of prevention of the pandemic, health declaration, temperature check, disinfection spray, allowing more than 80% of staff working from home with 100% pay … but also support the city to fight against Covid by financing 500 sickbeds, 2000 meals in quarantine areas, 500 Japanese test kits and millions of meals for the poor… Although vegetables are not in considerable quantities, it is a message to share joys and sorrows with each other. The campaign to dedicate clean vegetables of compassion once again affirms the “HEART OF GOLD” of Phuc Khang People, the responsibilities, the spirit of solidarity of Phuc Khang Corporation towards the community and the authorities to fight the pandemic and return peace to everybody..

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